Mintubi, LLC, a privately held software development firm based in New York City, has been awarded an exclusive contract by the Information and Referral Federation of Los Angeles County, Inc. (211 LA), operators of the “211” telephone hotline service for Los Angeles county, to design and develop an open information management platform that allows 211s and other social services providers to develop customized information and referral (I&R) applications using a common framework based on modern information technology practices.

With over 20 million residents, Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States, and 211 LA has long recognized the importance of information technology in providing services to such a large and diverse community. With Nexus211, 211 LA hopes to give 211s and social services organizations across the US a common platform for building information technology solutions. 211 LA chose Mintubi to design and develop the platform after deciding that, both technologically and ideologically, Mintubi would be a strong partner.

The two companies will work closely together as the foundations of the platform are laid. Mintubi CEO Andrew Hart said, “This effort is poised to jump-start innovation in a domain that has traditionally struggled to attract the resources and knowledge needed to build modern, data-driven applications. As a company, Mintubi is motivated by work that serves the public good, and 211 LA have an established reputation as a leader in this space. We look forward to the opportunity to strengthen that with them through this effort.”

Regardless of where they’re developed, I&R applications share a common need to store information about the services that are available, provide a way for people with needs to connect with those services, and to track the progress of individuals over time to identify service gaps. Traditionally, anyone with a new idea for a beneficial technology application first has to think about how to model the core service data, develop an approach for recording and retrieving contacts between members of the public and those services, and develop a system for collecting arbitrary, structured information. The Nexus211 platform will dramatically reduce the amount of effort required to bring a new I&R application to market by providing powerful APIs that expose these capabilities to innovators as a service. Developers will be able to focus primarily on the things that make their idea unique, shortening the time it takes to deliver value to the community.

As 211 LA looks ahead, expanding from its roots as a traditional call center makes sense in a world that is increasingly defined by connected applications and online services. Information is key, and the Nexus211 platform seeks to make it easier for anyone, anywhere to build information-rich applications for social services that help people to thrive.

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Andrew Hart, CEO.

Nova Saint, VP Engineering.